5 Tips to Overcoming a Senior Loved One's Resistance to Elderly Care

When a senior loved one's health starts to deteriorate, the topic of elderly care can often become a sore subject. Many times, your senior will resist your efforts to provide them with the care they need because they fear losing their independence. They may also fear that their needs might not be understood and addressed properly by others.Read more to learn a few tips on overcoming a...Continue reading

What Are the Strategies to Help a Parent Who Refuses Home Care

As a person ages, the loss of their independence can weigh heavily on their minds. Many people feel that accepting any type of home care means the next step is being sent to an assisted living facility or nursing home. The fear of having to rely on others can cause them to refuse any type of home health care at all. The following suggestions may help you overcome the stress and...Continue reading

10 Meals That Are Considered Quick and Easy for Seniors

As you age, your digestive abilities change, making it more difficult for you to get the nutrition you need from each meal. Knowing what kinds of food are easy to digest and contain the most nutrients will help keep the seniors healthy. Stock up on the simple foods, so that your seniors will be able to have light, nutritious meals whenever they want. Tips for Quick and Easy Meals for...Continue reading

7 Benefits of Hiring a Caregiver for Elderly Parents

When your parents reach the age when they are no longer capable of handling certain aspects of their care, it's up to you to make sure they have what they need. There are several benefits associated with hiring a caregiver to provide personal care and good hygiene practices for your elderly parents.Here are 7 major benefits of hiring a caregiver for elderly parents:Maintained Medication...Continue reading

7 Tips to Prevent Social Isolation in the Elderly

Social isolation is a rising concern worldwide, especially among seniors. With age, the elderly frequently experience social isolation, a condition that can take a heavy toll on their health and happiness. Elderly individuals are especially susceptible to social isolation and loneliness due to a lack of friends, family, mobility or income.Reasons for Social IsolationSocial isolation...Continue reading

When Is a Call to Hospice Necessary?

You know death is inevitable for all, yet none of us want to imagine losing a loved one. When curative treatments become ineffective, hospice can extend help, comfort, and support to your loved ones in making the most of remaining days.Regardless of whether you're loved one is presently eligible for hospice care or not, you should have the awareness of when to call hospice. This will...Continue reading

Top 10 Memory Care Activities for People With Alzheimer's

The effects of Alzheimer's can be held at bay if the mind is kept strong. Performing certain activities is beneficial at keeping many Alzheimer's symptoms to a minimum. There are many memory loss support activities to keep Alzheimer's patients busy. Staying active and involved will keep their mind sharp and focused.The following 10 activities are extremely effective at keeping both the...Continue reading

10 Useful Tips for Preparing the Seniors for Winter

Whether you are a caregiver for seniors, reside with an elderly relative, or are perhaps yourself a senior, it is time to prepare for the winter season. The elderly and winter can be considered as an extremely hazardous combination. This is because as seniors they may get exposed to uniquely challenging situations while moving around and staying warm during the winter months.However,...Continue reading