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How to Care for Senior Adults After Surgery?

Apr 17, 2023

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How to Care for Senior Adults After Surgery

As our loved ones age, they commonly require surgeries and medical procedures that may leave them vulnerable and needing extra care and support. Caring for a senior adult after surgery can be challenging, but it's also an opportunity to show them how much we care and ensure a smooth recovery. This blog entails some elderly care key information and tips for post-surgery care in Newport Beach, CA, so you can provide them with the support they need to heal and return to their daily activities.

How to Manage Patient Pain After Surgery?

Managing pain after surgery is a critical part of post-operative care for elderly patients. Pain can hinder the healing process, cause issues, and lower the patient's general quality of life. There are numerous ways in which caregivers for seniors in Newport Beach, CA. Can assist older patients in managing pain, including:


To alleviate the patient's suffering, the doctor may prescribe pain medicine. Caregivers should ensure that the medication care in Newport Beach, CA, is given at the frequency prescribed by the doctor.

Pain Management without Drugs

Numerous non-pharmacological approaches to pain management exist, including massage, heat or cold therapy, breathing exercises, and diversion strategies.

Correct Positioning

The patient should be positioned properly to minimize pain. For instance, elevating the legs helps ease lower-extremity pain and edema.

Getting Enough Food and Water

For patients to be able to heal properly with the least amount of pain, proper nutrition and hydration are necessary. Caregivers should ensure the patient eats a healthy diet and drinks enough fluids.


Caregivers should encourage patients to communicate their pain levels and any other discomfort they are experiencing. This will help the doctor in modifying the therapy strategy and ensures that the patient receives the proper pain relief.

Nutrition and Hydration

A healthy diet is critical for older individuals recovering from surgery since it affects their recovery and well-being. Surgery can be demanding on the body and require extra energy and nutrition for a full recovery. The following are some justifications for why older persons should adhere to a healthy diet following surgery:

  • Encourages Wound Healing: Consuming enough protein is crucial for healing a patient's wound post-surgery. Lean protein foods like chicken, fish, and lentils help support tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Helps in Immunological Function: Patients are more susceptible to infection after surgery with a weakened immune system. A diet high in vitamins and antioxidants lowers the risk of illnesses.
  • Halts Malnutrition: Malnutrition is more likely to affect older adults, which might slow healing and raise the risk of complications. Malnutrition can be avoided, and a nutritious, balanced diet can support general health and well-being.
  • Minimizes inflammation: Surgery can create inflammation in the body, resulting in pain and suffering. An anti-inflammatory diet of fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids can help lower inflammation and promote recovery.
  • Enhances energy levels: Patients may feel exhausted and short on energy after surgery since it can be both physically and emotionally taxing. A nutritious diet with adequate nutrients and calories will boost energy levels and encourage faster healing.

Besides maintaining a healthy diet, elderly companion care also encompasses making a diet chart that includes sufficient intake of the following food items:

  • Lean protein sources: Chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, tofu, and beans are excellent protein sources, which are essential for wound healing and muscle repair.
  • Colorful fruits and vegetables: These include berries, citrus fruits, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and carrots.
  • Whole grains: Foods such as brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and quinoa provide carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins.
  • Dairy products: Milk, yogurt, and cheese are good sources of calcium and protein that help maintain bone strength.

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What Is the Hygiene of the Post-Operative Patient?

Here are some tips for managing personal hygiene by caregivers for the elderly after surgery—

  • Bathing and Grooming.
  • Help with oral hygiene by assisting with brushing, flossing, and rinsing.
  • Keep skin clean and dry to prevent infections.
  • Help with changing clothing and bed linens regularly to maintain cleanliness and comfort.
  • Keep hair clean and well-groomed. 
  • Encourage open communication about personal hygiene needs and preferences.

 What is the Importance of Mobility and Exercise in the Elderly?

The elderly require physical assistance and housekeeping services to sustain their independence and quality of life. Here are some common types of physical assistance and housekeeping services delivered by elderly companion care in Newport Beach that can be helpful for the elderly:

  • Mobility assistance
  • Medication management
  • Meal preparation and nutrition
  • Cleaning and running errands 
  • Assistance with getting to appointments
  • Home modifications (such as adding grab bars in the bathroom or installing a ramp for wheelchair access)

What Is Psychological Care for Post-Operative Care?

Surgery can be a stressful and traumatic experience. Psychological care aims to help patients cope with these emotions and improve their well-being. Here is some post-operative care:

  • Addressing emotional needs
  • Support from family and friends
  • Professional counseling options
  • Relieving anxiety and depression
  • Enhancing communication

Empower Your Loved Ones to Live to the Fullest!

Post-surgery complications in the elderly must be addressed passionately. The right caregiver's services can help your loved one recover more quickly. At Newport Home Care, we strive to provide the residents of Orange County with affordable and compassionate post-surgery care. Our individualized, in-home care programs are created to serve patients with compassion, competence, and honesty. Contact us today if you are looking for the best caregiver services near you.

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