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Our Mission

Our Mission

Newport Home Care is dedicated to providing high quality care and professional service to our clients. Our team is devoted to maintaining our clients' sense of independence and quality of life. Our values of Dignity, Integrity, and Compassion will be the hallmark of the service we provide. We will live by our values, as we passionately pursue the highest level of clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Newport Home Care will be the home care provider of choice for our clients, our team members, and our surrounding community.

Our History

Our History

The establishment of Newport Home Care came about when its founders saw a need within the home care industry for a company that would set itself apart from the rest. Newport Home Care is here to make independence at home possible, by providing a pleasant and enhanced quality of life. Newport Home Care understands the anxiety and stress a family can feel when a loved one needs care.

Serving Orange County and Greater Los Angeles, our team of experienced and compassionate professionals understand that whether the need for care is short term or long term – the need for companionship and trust never lessens.

Our Promise

Our Promise

  • We promise to treat every task as an honor.
  • We promise to treat every client with dignity, integrity, and compassion.
  • We promise to listen to each client’s needs and match them with the caregiver that will best fit their requirements, match their personality and provide the best service.
  • We promise to require and provide continuing education for our caregivers.
  • We promise to make the goal of staying at home a reality for each client, for as long as they possibly want.
  • We promise to only provide the most qualified in-home care providers and to ensure they have thorough background and reference checks.
  • We promise to place quality at the top of our service delivery goals.
  • We promise to monitor client’s feedback on an on-going basis and ensure their needs are being met and to respond promptly to each and every issue that arises.
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