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Understanding and fun companions… Our caregivers are no less than a family.

Home Services Companionship

Elderly Companion Care

At Newport Home Care, we believe it is of the utmost importance for our caregivers to maintain an open mind. From crafting model airplanes to planting flowers in the garden, reading books and watching movies, or even something as simple as a quiet engaging conversation, our caregivers will take an interest in the activities that make your loved one smile – often rekindling a lost passion or pastime.

With the encouragement and support of a personal home companion, it is our vision that you, or your loved one, will gain a more positive outlook on life while maintaining independence and engaging in healthy interaction with friends and family. From our initial care and safety assessment, to careful transition planning into an assisted living facility (if desired by our client) we strive to offer our clients, and their family, a new peace of mind as all-involved know the family elder is being lovingly cared for by a compassionate and professional caregiver and managed by an experienced care manager.

Companionship creates a better quality of life by providing positive, connected emotional care. With friendly support and assistance, you can maintain independence in your own home and throughout your regular activities.

Some examples of Companionship include:

  • Cognitive stimulation through cards and other games
  • Correspondence
  • Friendly and Engaging Conversation
  • Positive encouragement with light exercise, active thinking, nutrition,etc.
  • Encouraging and Stimulating Conversation
  • Assistance with Cherished Personal Hobbies and Crafts
    1. Scrapbooking, Gardening, Model-Building, Etc…
  • Reading Aloud from Books/Periodicals
  • Setting Up Social Functions
  • Assisting with Entertaining
  • Accompanying Clients on Walks
    1. Walking Next to Client
    2. Guiding Client by the Elbow
    3. Steadying a Walker
    4. Stabilization When Needed
  • Providing Medication Reminders
  • Reliable and Accessible Transportation
    1. To Bank, Post Office, Grocery Store, and Shops
    2. To Important Appointments, Doctors, and Specialists
    3. To Social Activities and Outings
  • Bringing In or Purchasing the Newspaper
  • Writing Letters
  • Playing Games and Cards
  • Renting and Watching Movies
  • Accompanying to Meals
  • Picking Up Meals

We all experience the effects of aging – but we should never have to feel lonely and neglected. At Newport Home Care, we know that with the right care and attention, your loved one can live a happier, healthier, and dignified life. Our compassionate caregivers motivate their seniors to live each new day to its fullest and keep those feeling of loneliness at bay.

You can depend on our caregiver companions for support and encouragement, for help reconnecting with family, friends, and hobbies, for transportation to important appointments and social events, for a listening ear and genuine conversation, as well as for any general assistance that may be needed around the house to maintain a safe and nurturing environment.