Private & Long Term Care Insurance

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Private & Long Term Care Insurance

Private & Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance provides an income stream to pay for the cost of care in a variety of settings. Although mistakenly called “Nursing Home Insurance” by many people, these policies also help pay for services needed for people who want to age at home. Covered services typically include personal care, companionship, and other in-home services they desire and need as various care needs arise. The amount of benefit varies based on the level of policy purchased. Typically the consumer chooses the Home Care Agency they would like to work with and the Insurance Company reimburses the policy holder for approved services.

Private or Commercial Health Insurance policies typically cover some home care services for acute needs, but benefits for Long-Term services vary from plan to plan. Commercial insurers, including Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and others, generally pay for skilled professional home care services with a cost-sharing provision. Such policies occasionally cover personal care services. Cost-sharing varies with individual policies, but often is not required

Benefits vary by company so check with your insurer to see what may be covered and the circumstances under which you can use this benefit. When you know what your coverage is, call Newport Home Care for your free consultation.

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