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Tips to Keep Elderly Parents Happily Engaged This Senior Citizen’s Day

Aug 17, 2021

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Tips to Keep Elderly Parents Happily Engaged This Senior Citizen’s Day

We have more and more individuals living a longer life and able to share their wisdom, stories, and experience with the next upcoming generations. National Senior Citizens Day is observed to appreciate and support our elderly loved ones and recognize their accomplishments. It also serves as an excellent chance to help raise awareness on issues affecting them.

Observing National Senior Citizens Day

Each year on August 21, various events and activities are held across the United States to mark National Senior Citizens Day. The day is celebrated to honor senior citizens for their valuable contributions to their communities and create awareness on issues affecting older people.

You can show your love and appreciation to a loved one and keep them happily engaged this Senior Citizens Day with these tips.

  • Help them to get the senior discount

    There are incredible discounts for seniors at restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, retail stores, and hotels. You'll also find deals on services like cell phone plans, prescription drugs, travel, car rentals, and air travel.

    Check the list of national companies that offer discounts. Also, feel free to ask if local restaurants and businesses respect seniors this way too.

  • Learn Something New From Them

    You may not know their skills and talents, which means you are learning something new about them that brings you closer. Either way, it will tell the world to pass on its knowledge and expertise.

  • Arrange a Senior Exercise Program in Your Locality

    Many park districts and senior centers offer exercise groups for older adults. Find one and encourage your parents to attend, and even offer to pay for the first month.

  • Call or Text Them

    If you can't contact your elderly loved ones, personally call them or text them and tell them how much it means to you. 5 minutes is enough to convince them of their big role in your life.

  • Spend Healthy Time with Them

    While all of these projects are fun, remember that the most important way to celebrate senior citizen’s day with your loved one is to spend time together. It doesn't matter what you do together. Share a meal, go for coffee, play a game, drive a car, sit in the sun, watch a movie, ask them about their lives or relax and chat.

  • Sports Activities

    Sports such as golf, pool, and tennis that involve physical and mental exercises are considered beneficial for your loved ones. These activities can help improve their hand-eye coordination and provide a great sense of satisfaction to them. The reasons behind the increased level of satisfaction include overcoming of fun obstacles or competing with fellow participants in a friendly way.

  • Entertainment Activities

    Dancing, singing, performing, or trying stand-up comedy in front of other people can be extremely de-stressing for elders. It can also remind them of how fun it is to:

    • Connect the body to stimulating and healing rhythms
    • Enjoy the humor in the activities
    • Narrate stories in fresh or creative ways
  • Arts and Crafts

    Most of us still enjoy art and craft activities, just like kids with things like crayons, paints, glue, and Popsicle sticks. It reminds us of how fun and liberating it feels to direct your energy and creativity into crafting something new. Creative and fun crafts like finger painting and water coloring are excellent for people of all ages and make great elderly activities.

  • Traditional Games and Puzzles

    Considered perennial favorites among people of every age, these gaming activities are particularly popular with older adults as well. Board games and card games offer great ways to socialize and indulge in joyful challenges of friendly competition. Puzzles like Scrabble help your elderly loved ones to focus and provide them a sense of progress and accomplishment.

  • Enjoyable Excursions

    Going out and about to accomplish something that's outside the ordinary is usually a sure way to have fun. Many great options are available for a small group of people who want to come together to share their experiences. Field trips for some laughter, activity, exploration, and social bonding or excursions to places or events like theme parks and carnivals can be highly rewarding for senior citizens.

With such an exhaustive list of activities for seniors to choose from, get ready to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day with full spirit and pure love for your senior loved ones.

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