Top 10 Memory Care Activities for People With Alzheimer's

The effects of Alzheimer's can be held at bay if the mind is kept strong. Performing certain activities is beneficial at keeping many Alzheimer's symptoms to a minimum. There are many memory loss support activities to keep Alzheimer's patients busy. Staying active and involved will keep their mind sharp and focused.

The following 10 activities are extremely effective at keeping both the mind and memory sharp.

Stay Fit Help your loved one get out and walk more or visit the gym and exercise regularly. Join a bowling league or chase the grand-kids!

Work Outside Plant a garden or pull some weeds. Help them get their hands dirty!

Spend Time in the Kitchen Help them cook a meal for the family or bake some goodies for the grand-kids!

Play Card GamesPlay a game of cards or choose a board game that they like, anything to keep their mind active.

Listen to Favorite MusicListening to their favorite music brings back memories and dancing can help them stay active.

Try Different PuzzlesTackle a few brain teaser puzzles to keep their mind active and alert. The best way to keep their mind sharp is to find puzzles that test their problem-solving abilities.

Meditation, Yoga, and StretchingMeditation relaxes the body and mind while yoga and stretching exercises improve blood flow to the brain and other areas of the body.

Solve Problems in ReverseSolve problems backward. Working in reverse keeps the mind sharp and keeps them focused on the task at hand.

Spend Time With FamilySocializing with friends and family is a great way to stay active and keep their mind alert. Go out to dinner or see a movie with the grand children.

Take On New Challenges Daily Help them challenge themselves to try new things on a daily basis. New experiences can help to break up old habits and encourages them to do things that stretch their boundaries.

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