What Are the Strategies to Help a Parent Who Refuses Home Care

As a person ages, the loss of their independence can weigh heavily on their minds. Many people feel that accepting any type of home care means the next step is being sent to an assisted living facility or nursing home. The fear of having to rely on others can cause them to refuse any type of home health care at all. The following suggestions may help you overcome the stress and challenges of helping a parent who is uncomfortable in accepting home care.

Discuss Home Care Options Early

Start the discussion early and have a plan in place while your parent is still able to fully take care of him/herself in their own home. By talking about it early, both of you have the time to prepare for the moment when your parent may need a little extra assistance.

Discuss Home Care Options Early

Practice Patience

Be patient with your parents. Accepting the fact that they need help can be overwhelming and may take a little while for them to get used to the idea. Be encouraging and supportive while they work through the mental process of realizing they need help.

Show Compassion

Accepting home health care for an individual who has always been self-reliant can be somewhat difficult. Show them compassion as they begin to realize that their bodies and minds are not as young as they used to be.

Be Persistent

Be persistent and continue to broach the subject, but do so in a manner that is encouraging and comforting. Forcing the issue will only cause more stress and disappointment.

Offer Options

Offer your parents several different options. Home health care takes many different forms and can be tailored to meet their needs. Home care does not have to be restrictive. Instead, it can give your parents a new lease on life.

Allow Your Parent to Meet With Caregivers

Give your parents a chance to meet the caregivers. Meeting the people who will be caring for them may change their mind about receiving home care.

Home care may be the solution to allowing your parent to remain in their home for many years. The key is convincing your parents to consider the benefits home care has to offer. Talk to them often and continue to support them by answering their questions and continuing providing options.

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