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5 Situations Where You Need Home Care

Sep 21, 2016

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5 Situations Where You Need Home Care

All through their lives your parents cared for you, nurtured you and supported you to reach where you are today. Now when they are ageing, it's time for you to take care of them in the best possible way. It may not be possible for you to take a proper care of them, but you can always opt for a home care provider to help your parents have comfortable and peaceful retiring years. And why only parents, any of your loved ones in the family may need special attention and customized in-home care services in certain situations such as:

A medical surgery

Have any of your loved one gone under the knife lately? Then you must hire a caregiver to take a good care of him/her for a speedy recovery and getting back to a healthy life. There could even be some unfortunate situations like road accident, sudden fall, or a serious injury when you would need home care to look after your loved ones. You would even need them if someone is expecting in your family.

Inability to manage routine activities and personal care

When your loved ones are in their retiring age, it becomes difficult for them to even manage their routine activities, like getting up from the chair/bed, dressing or bathing etc. Their body, especially bones, becomes so weak that they are unable to manage personal care and need assistance in almost everything.


Today people are prone to this disease just in their middle age, i.e. in their early 40s. This is a serious condition with the sugar levels which need to be maintained through a highly balanced diet. A diabetic is more likely to obtain other diseases and their recovery time is higher than normal. So a proper and customized care is required for a diabetic to avoid any further medical conditions, especially if he/she is in the older age.

Heart disease

If someone in your family has heart issues, he/she needs to be attended to by a professional home health care provider who will constantly look after him/her. A professional caregiver will not only help your loved one with daily activities, but they will even monitor their medications, provide a healthy diet and make a complete preventive care plan for their healthy living.

Fading memory

With aging, the brain too is weakened and the memory starts fading away. According to the latest report by a reputed Alzheimer's disease association, around 44 million in the world have Alzheimer's disease or they are suffering from related dementia. Below are some more statistics from Alzheimer's Association research report:

  • 1 in 9 Americans at/over the age of 65 suffers Alzheimer's condition.
  • By reaching the age of 85, almost 1/3rd Americans are seriously plagued with the disease.
  • Around 5.3 million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's or other dementia can lead to forgetfulness that causes serious troubles to your loved ones. A professional caregiver can keep track of their daily activities, medications as well as their hygiene and every other thing that is required for dementia care.

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