Resuming a Normal Life After Your Surgery with In-Home Care Service

Caring for an aged family member can be very overwhelming at times, especially after surgery. At Newport Home Care, our team members are extensively trained to make your loved one’s post-operation recovery easier.

Read more to learn about the importance of in-home care for seniors after surgery.

Importance of Post-Surgery Care and Support

Recovering from surgery can be challenging for patients and their loved ones, both physically and mentally. To ensure a smooth healing process after an invasive procedure, older adults will need extensive professional care.

Professional post-operative care is essential for preventing infections, proper re-dressing of wounds, and attending follow-ups with doctors. Also, professional caregivers can observe and handle any possible complications that may arise over time after the surgery.

Why Consider Professional In-Home Care Services?

You should consider hiring professional home care services to ensure faster recovery of a senior loved one through proper care and support. Here are some advantages of professional caregiving services for post-surgery care:

  • A personalized support plan for each patient, which allows them to take control of their routine and recover successfully.
  • Expert caregivers not only give post-operative support, but they also help with routine personal care.
  • Besides performing wound care, dressing, and bathing the patient, professional caregivers also help with household chores and meal preparation.
  • Professional home care services also offer companionship and emotional support to the senior patient recovering from surgery.

Our Post-Surgery Care

Our experienced and friendly team members will explain all aspects of post-operative care and provide you with impartial and quality advice. Some of our post-surgery care services include:

  • Complete assessment of the patient condition before the care starts
  • Specialist support assistants who are trained in post-operative care
  • Personalized attention and support to each individual
  • Night care with a part-time or a full-time live-in caregiver
  • Round the clock specialist assistance
  • Support for patients to return to social activities they enjoyed before the surgery

At Newport Home Care, we guarantee superior in-home care for elderly post-surgery patients. Contact us today for professional home care services, including post-surgery care for a loved one.

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Newport Home Care, based in Orange County, California is dedicated to serve senior citizens and take care of their well-being. We provide the best home care solutions in the Orange County and Greater Los Angeles region. We are compassionate towards our clients and serve them with integrity and dignity. We serve patients with– diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus, post surgery recovery, parkinson’s, Alzheimer and dementia. All of our staff or “caregivers”, are certified personal care assistants. We ensure only the best quality service to our clients.

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