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Elderly Care: Major Personal Care and Hygiene Factors to be Considered

May 23, 2018

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Elderly Care: Major Personal Care and Hygiene Factors to be Considered

As your loved ones age, their body and mind begin to undergo changes. Their mental and physical strength wanes, which renders them disabled in going about their routine activities. Personal care and hygiene for elders becomes an extremely important aspect of elderly care for persons with disabilities of this nature.

If you are involved in offering elderly care or have appointed home care service for an elderly loved one, consider the following important factors:

Daily General Hygiene

It is equally important and challenging to maintain proper personal hygiene of your aging loved one when you realize they are not coping well. You should ensure to have a detailed in-home care plan worked out according to your loved one's needs. A daily routine should be in place to maintain their general hygiene and include regular bathing, cleaning of their genital parts after toilet use, and brushing twice daily.

Personal Care Assistance

In the case of elderly care and dementia, it is necessary to explain what is going on to the elders as you assist them with washing or bathing. At times, it can appear to be an intrusion into the person's privacy, so you should be sensitive to their feelings and act accordingly. Always respect their preferences like whether they wish to have a shower or a bath.

Maintaining Dignity

Whoever is in charge of your loved one's elderly care must ensure that they are being supportive in all aspects of promoting the dignity of the elderly person. You should be mindful of what your loved one expects of your care and assistance towards them. They may be capable of performing certain chores themselves, and it is essential to allow them to be as self-reliant as they safely can.

Having Safety Rules

When performing the hygiene feature of home care, make sure that you safeguard your loved one from injuries or falls. If your loved one requires to be left alone in the bathroom, you must have easy emergency access when needed. When your loved one requires assistance while getting in and out of the bathroom, ensure to have the rules of safe transplantation and handling in place with all the required aids.

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