Positive Impact of Social Media for Seniors

Most of the people believe that seniors are not much capable to cope up with the modern technological world where online activities and social media have become so prevalent. But this isn't true. Because studies found that more numbers of seniors are approaching social media in recent years than any other age group. This increasing number of older adults using social media proves that this technology has great benefits to offer to older age groups as well. Here are some important aspects that show how social media is playing a positive role in older adults' lives.

  • Keeps Them Healthy We usually say a person is healthy if he doesn't have any diseases or infirmity. But being healthy is much more than just this. Good health includes complete physical, mental and social well-being. New studies have found that seniors using social media have shown many positive instances related to their personal and social life as they are more engaged in constructive activities, focus on self-education and love being updated with the latest news and trends as they are less indulged in habits like smoking and alcoholism. In fact, there are very few cases of depression and other cognitive illness in such people. It also reports that older people who use social sites have much controlled blood pressure and sugar in comparison to those who are not using it.

  • Gives Peace of Mind In today's busy and hectic lifestyle, it's not always possible for everyone to stay close to their families or parents. Social media is playing an important role in reducing the communication gap as now people can check in with their family members as often as they wish. With the help of social media, they keep connected with their children and family members and they do not feel alone or left out, even if they have no one physically around. It's seen that senior people on social media seem to be more relaxed as they keep getting updates about what's going on with their children and other family members. It gives them a sense of satiation and peace of mind where ever they are living.

  • Ease of Shopping Shopping is something that excites every age group. Doesn't matter if you are 16 or 60 shopping is always fun for everyone. But for senior people it might be challenging at times because they become weak with age and aren't able to roam around much. But it's not at all a matter of concern these days as online marketing is what everyone is looking forward to as online shopping has made things really easier. It's really beneficial for senior people to order anything online and get home delivery for the same. Anything that they want is just a click away and they do not need to go out or drive anymore. They can also take advantage of great deals on online sales and even get discount coupons for further money saving.

  • Keeps Them Engaged in Productive Activities Old age people are seen usually suffering from depression or anxiety due to too much leisure time. Social media gives them a sense of connectivity with their friends and family as they can see their grandchildren grow up even if they aren't with them. They get to know what their children are doing, and what's happening in the lives of their loved ones etc. Many of them form groups on these social media to stay in touch with all of their loved ones as they can plan to catch up and socialize through social media. All these activities keep them busy.

Along with these benefits, certain risks are involved too when a senior adult is engaged in online activities and social media as the Internet is full of scams, phishing and whatnots. So, if you have any senior member at home using social media, you need to make sure they are keeping off from any malicious internet content. You need to keep a watch on them just like you do with the kids and make sure they are connecting with genuine people and not with some strangers who can't be trusted.

So just keep an eye on your beloved seniors' social media and online activities. Guide them about do's and don'ts and save them from any trap. Let them enjoy the benefits of social media and lead a peaceful old age with great positivity.

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