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Your Senior Parent Dating: Is It Safe and Appropriate?

Feb 12, 2017

Aging Parents

Your Senior Parent Dating: Is It Safe and Appropriate?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so in our article today, we will discuss the serious topic related to senior parent dating. We will see how they can rekindle love after the death or separation from the spouse. It becomes all the more sensitive when they have adult children.

It's not easy to go through separation from any of your parents, nor is it easy to see them dating again. Many of us have formed a perception of our parents that they are old and they must forgo all their desires for our benefit which is very unfair. We should understand that our parents are as human as we are and they too desire to be loved and wanted by someone. At one point of time, as young adults, most of us face the disapproval of our love interests by our parents. We also tend to do the same when they start dating in their advanced years.

Their needs can be understood but when they start seeking love, they face several problems in terms of social norms and taboos.

Children often complain that their parents are going around with the wrong person, someone who is all set to exploit them financially. Seniors may or may not make the right decision. It depends on various factors.

The following are some important tips for seniors who have made up their mind to start dating again:

  • Do not seek people who are considerably younger than you
  • Do a self assessment of what you are looking for
  • Always inform your family members about dating plans
  • Never change your date frequently

Sources of Meeting Prospective Dates There are various sources of meeting new and interesting people with the purpose of dating. These could be friends or ones with common interests or hobbies.

  • Friends and Family Your family members and friends can definitely help you find someone whose personality is similar to your own.

  • Common Interests If you have any hobby like any sports, traveling or eating, you can join a club to meet like-minded people.

If you have decided to start dating again, just chill and enjoy it. Just bear in mind the few things mentioned above to make a wise move.

How to Deal With Your Parent's Dating?

First of all, understand that it's very difficult for a person to remain alone for so many years. He or she deserves companionship in life to be happy all over again. However, it's difficult to observe the changes in your parent after finding their new love. But you must welcome this change for the sake of your parent's happiness.

You must make your parent feel comfortable in this new relationship by befriending this new partner. This will make your parent find more confidence in you.

And if you genuinely find the person is really not right for him or her, you may even warn your parent against this person. If your interests and support were genuine in your parent's new relationship, they will definitely believe you and you may save them from falling for the wrong person.

You must always be ready to offer support to your parent if they wish to start a new relationship with positivity.

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