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What is In-Home Care, and How Can It Help Seniors?

Mar 02, 2022

Care for Seniors

What is In-Home Care, and How Can It Help Seniors?

If you have aging parents at home, you may be worried about finding the perfect primary caregiver for them. There are several cases in which most family members are working and cannot give them proper attention. Many seniors can be susceptible to accidents or unable to do simple chores around the house. This article provides an in-depth look into in-home care services.

What are in-home care services?

In-home care services are special care services designed to meet the necessary requirements and needs of senior citizens. It’s also known as elder care and includes services like assisted living, nursing care, adult care, and home care that can improve the quality of life for seniors.

Furthermore, it can help ensure their independence and make life more enjoyable. It can even improve their overall health. It can bring rest and peace of mind for the other family members that their elders are being well cared for when they are not around.

How does in-home care help the elders?

In-home care helps your loved ones maintain the independence and flexibility of living in their own home. It is ideal for chronically ill patients, people aging in place, elderly persons with disabilities, or seniors recovering from surgery.

Additionally, many seniors who no longer wish to live alone choose in-home care so they can help with daily living activities such as (but not limited to) bathing, using the restroom, dressing, medication monitoring, walking, feeding, etc. Caregivers also provide companionship and emotional support.

What are the services in-home care provides?

If the idea of moving your senior parents to a nursing home or retirement community doesn’t appeal to you, in-home services can help them live in their house for a long time without any problem. In-home care centers include many services like:

  • Transportation

Older people may find it hard to drive or may not prefer to drive at night. Hence, having access to buses, trains, reduced fare taxis, rideshare apps, and senior transportation services can help prolong their independence and maintain their social network.

  • Household maintenance

Sometimes, seniors can find it difficult to run household chores smoothly as they take a lot of work. In-home care can provide useful services like gardening, laundry, housekeeping, and shopping services. Furthermore, if they have trouble keeping up with appointments and bills, healthcare and financial management services are also provided by in-home care centers.

  • Personal care

In-home services can provide personal care services that range from a few hours a day to around-the-clock live-in care. Such services can help with activities of daily living like meal preparation, bathing, dressing, etc. They can also aid with chores like offering medication reminders or checking blood pressure.

  • Respite Care

Providing elderly care constantly at home is a task that can be overwhelming at times. The services provided under respite care aim to maintain and support the primary caregiving relationship by providing temporary care to the elders in the family to give the primary caregivers a break.

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  • Companionship

Companionship programs are designed to keep the elders engaged in daily socialization and activities. Some daycare programs provide limited health services or specialize in certain disorders like dementia, whereas some are primarily social. The program is designed to offer emotional support to the patient and ensure that they remain connected to the society

  • End of life care

This service is provided during the final stages of various life-limiting illnesses. It’s primarily focused on offering comfort care. This means that a licensed hospice care provider is essential for providing suitable end-of-life caregiving services specially designed to comfort and soothe a client.

It can be difficult to see your elders struggling to care for themselves. However, in-home care can provide services that can help them feel independent and improve their quality of life while also providing companionship and emotional support.

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