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What Are the Greatest Benefits Older Adults Get from Respite Care

Nov 12, 2021

Aging Parents

What Are the Greatest Benefits Older Adults Get from Respite Care

Respite care provides you with a break from the role of a primary caregiver while simultaneously benefitting your senior loved. Here are the top seven benefits that illustrate why having respite care improves your loved one’s health.

A Senior Parent Feels Safer at Home When They Have Respite Care

Despite your efforts to provide your senior parent with great companionship, there will always be occasions where they might feel left alone when you need to take care of other things such as running errands, going to the gym, or going out for lunch with a friend.

This can be a complicated aspect of taking care of your senior parent, especially since leaving them without supervision increases the chances of accidents. This is why it’s essential to opt for respite care as your loved one gets older and develops new challenging health conditions.

Catch The Symptoms of New Health Conditions Earlier

Respite caregivers only see your loved ones a few times a week, so it is much easier for them to observe subtle differences in their condition, which are usually overlooked when you see them daily. Detecting symptoms at the early stages of a serious health condition gives your loved one a better chance to get it successfully treated.

New Companion

Once they retire, it becomes difficult for your loved ones to make new friends. However, with the help of a caregiver, they get a chance to spend time with a new friend outside of their family who is always ready to laugh at your older adult's jokes and engage them in activities that make them smile. Having a caregiver around can give them a sense of comfort and security.

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Improve Family Relationships

Respite care allows you to take time to recharge and care for yourself. Doing so can also indirectly benefit your loved one. This is because when you are well-rested and not worried about the numerous responsibilities to carry out round the clock, you end up spending greater quality time with your loved ones and strengthening your relationship.

They Can Learn New Ways to Manage Their Daily Challenges

It is likely and even expected that as a caregiver, you have minimal knowledge of how to help your senior parent as they age even though you try your best, especially when meeting the daily challenges your senior parents have to face. In contrast, a respite caregiver is trained and prepared to manage most such challenges that seniors face, making life much easier for your loved one.

They Get a Change of Scenery

Life can become monotonous, especially in old age, if your loved ones stay at the same place interacting with the same people. Everyone may not enjoy this consistency and prefer a change in their routine. In-home caregivers are trained to expertly handle all aspects of your senior loved one’s non-medical care, including social and emotional engagement.

Caregivers can plan activities for their seniors, giving them a chance to interact with new people and reconnect better with friends and family. This can boost your loved one’s emotional health and cognitive abilities. This might even want them to want more similar opportunities, which means you can take a break too.

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Respite care services can be customized as per your needs, budget, and care duration. You can opt for respite care services if you are unavailable to care for your seniors for running errands or if you need to go away from your residence for some time.

If you are looking for senior in-home care or a respite care provider, Newport Home Care can help you. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we are sure you won't regret doing so.

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