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Effective Tips for Senior Adults to Stay Healthy

Apr 25, 2022

Aging Parents


Staying healthy as we get older becomes increasingly important as we become more vulnerable to complications and chronic diseases as we age. Hence, it is important to know what is okay or normal for your body and what should be a concern. This blog will help you with some tips for healthy aging. 

What is healthy aging?

As per World Health Organization (WHO), healthy aging is defined as “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age.” In short, it refers to creating opportunities and environments that allow people to be and carry on with what they value throughout their lives.

Being free of any disease or infirmity is not a requirement for healthy aging, as many older adults suffer from one or more health conditions. However, when the environment and opportunities are well controlled, it can help their conditions and allow them to live healthy lives.

What are the ways to stay healthy as you age?

It’s essential to make healthy choices or decisions to reduce the likelihood of illness and strengthen your immune system. Some ways to stay healthy in older age include:

Maintain a healthy diet

Healthy diets rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean meats protect your body against harmful bacteria and viruses and give your immune system a healthy boost. Limit your consumption of fatty and sugary foods, which can weaken your body. 

Take supplements as required

Certain supplements can help support a healthy immune system. However, if you are thinking of taking supplements, contact your healthcare provider first. Your doctor may recommend you take supplements like vitamin B12 and Vitamin D after determining their safety, especially if you’re taking prescription medicines.

Stay active

One of the best boosters for the immune system is physical activity. However, the activity does not need to be intense. You can consider walking, swimming, biking, etc. Low impact exercises are effective too.

Wash your hands frequently

Another way to stay healthy is by washing hands regularly, as viruses can live on surfaces for over a day at times. If you touch your nose and mouth with contaminated hands, it may lead to infections. You can also use hand sanitizer if you’re unable to wash your hands.

Manage stress

Your body starts to produce cortisol in excessive amounts if you suffer from chronic stress. Too much cortisol can disrupt various bodily functions. It can also weaken your immune system. To reduce stress, set reasonable expectations for yourself and explore enjoyable activities. 

Stay Connected

Loneliness can be damaging to your health. If you feel lonely, you are more likely to experience dementia or depression. Seniors experiencing loneliness have more trouble with everyday tasks and are more at risk for diseases as well.

Therefore,  try to stay connected or make new friends. You can also opt for volunteer work or try to help someone in need to connect to people better. 

Get enough rest

An adequate amount of sleep can help develop a stronger immune system that makes it easy for the body to fight off viruses. It also improves concentration and memory as you get older.

How can caregivers help with healthy aging?

To be a caregiver is a compassionate task. Still, it can also be incredibly challenging as you may feel burnt out if you’re a primary caregiver for your loved ones who are highly dependent on you for their well-being and safety. According to statistics, around 30% of adults in the U.S alone are informal home caregivers, spending around 20 hours a week for someone in their homes.

However, you can hire professional caregivers trained to provide care to people who need some assistance with everyday tasks. Caregivers can help in healthy aging in the following ways:

  • Providing peace of mind to families as they will have to worry less about the safety of their elders and be certain that their health is in good hands.
  • Offering senior adults the chance to live at home as they will be there to assist them in doing things every day. Such high-quality home care can help maintain confidence and allow your elderly loved one to communicate more.
  • Providing more personalized aging care at home for senior adults compared to a large living facility where their needs may be overlooked.
  • Caregiving at home enables the senior adults to feel safer and more comfortable at home as they are surrounded by the familiar. 


Leading a healthy and meaningful life can be possible with prompt physical and mental attention as we grow old. Therefore, if you believe that you cannot care for your senior loved ones as much as they need, you can always opt for professional in-home care or respite care services for better results.

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