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Technology that Helps Care for Senior Adults Who Live Far Away

Jan 23, 2019

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Technology that Helps Care for Senior Adults Who Live Far Away

Taking care of senior adults and monitoring their health while living far away can be a challenge. The Clinical Interventions on Aging estimates that there are five to seven million Americans who are long-distance caregivers for elders, and this figure is likely to double in the next 15 years. However, the latest technologies can help you manage and monitor your loved ones' well-being.

Here are some of the technologies that are helpful in taking care of senior adults that live far away:

Video Communication Apps

An excellent way to track the health of your family member is to be able to communicate face-to-face with them. There are various video mobile applications that are easy to install and use. They allow you to be virtually present in the home with your senior loved one. However, if they suffer from a cognitive impairment, a caregiver can help them schedule video chats or answer your video-calls.

Online Money Protection Tools

Unfortunately, senior citizens can be easy targets of monetary theft and fraud. There are a few money protection tools on the market including highly customizable prepaid cards that help secure your loved one's money. You can set up these cards online using guidelines and restrictions that match approximate spending by your elderly senior to proactively control charges to individual merchants. The built-in card algorithms are designed to track and identify transaction details that help to prevent frauds targeting the elderly. Caregivers also get alerts of dubious charges.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Monitoring the well-being and security of seniors living alone is now possible through a wide range of remote monitoring devices. The personal emergency responder alerts family members when an elderly member may require their help. The PERS can also be available as a safety watch that provides smart medication reminders. There are other variants such as passive activity sensors to evaluate healthy living patterns while also alerting family members about a probable issue, like missed meals or reduced physical activity.

High-End Security Cameras

High-tech home surveillance devices like security cameras can monitor an older adult's activities throughout the day and allow you to log in and watch over remotely. You can view if they are active, sleeping, eating, or even if they've fallen. A lot of home video products that are available today are programmed to provide a video feed directly to a smartphone, tablet app, or the Web.

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