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Summer Activities Elderly People and Caregivers Can Enjoy

Aug 16, 2022

Aging Parents

Summer Activities Elderly People and Caregivers Can Enjoy

What are your plans this summer? It might be your favorite season because of the endless outdoor activities. 

Here’s a list of ways in which the summer sun can improve your mental and physical health:

 Lowers risk of heart diseases

  • Reduces the risk of developing a disease related to the brain and spinal cord
  • Reduces the likelihood of severe illnesses
  • Helps maintain body weight
  • Alleviates symptoms of depression

 Check out these 7 activities you should try with your senior loved one this summer.

7 Fun Activities That You Should Try out with Seniors This Summer

The summer sun can be a great source of Vitamin D. Research shows that regular exposure to sunlight can improve cognitive function and elevate your mood. Older adults are at high risk for vitamin D deficiency, especially those who don’t step outside often or have limited sunlight exposure.

Here are a few activities that can boost Vitamin D and allow you to spend more time outdoors or with your loved ones.

1. Host a Garden Tea Party 

People have enjoyed drinking tea since ancient times, and modern research reveals that drinking tea has many health benefits. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Institution (NCBI), tea consumption is considered a natural complementary therapy for generative nerve disease. Several reports indicate that moderate tea consumption may lower the risk for common heart conditions by maintaining the cholesterol level. 

Therefore, planning a tea party with healthy snacks can bring everyone together and help you get the required exposure to the sun.

2. Plan a Walk in Mother Nature

Walking in nature helps you get the exercise you need and gives you a chance to admire the beauty of mother earth! Inhaling fresh air calms your mind and soul. Look for some easy hiking trails nearby or bigger parks with paved walkways. 

3. Plan a Yard Game by Inviting Your Next-Door Friends

You can provide quality home care services by organizing a yard game and inviting your neighbors. Try to play different games suitable for elders and help them win to boost their mental and physical health. 

4. Carve Out Some Time to Feed the Birds 

Feeding birds and being in their company can be fun, and maintaining a routine of this practice can send positive energy to the mind of your loved ones. Noticing the different colors, the chirping sound, and the behaviors of birds can help you stay in touch with nature.

5. Plan a Day and Let Your Elders Share Their Skills and Hobbies

Many seniors have skills that you would enjoy learning. Your senior loved one may enjoy gardening, knitting, weaving, baking, etc. Also, you can take them down memory lane by reminding them of their achievements. 

6. Plan a Surprise Treat for Your Elders

Suppose your elders have some favorite restaurants or favorite snacks such as ice cream, coffee, or fruits. Buy it for them or bring them to the restaurant.

7. Make Evening Walks Part of Their Summer Routine

You can take your elders for a joyful walk to alleviate the elderly symptoms. Consider bringing a wheelchair and water if your loved ones get tired and need rest.

Can’t Go Outside? Here Are Some Activities You Can Do Indoors

If it’s raining or your loved ones are feeling under the weather, you can still do some activities indoors. Here is the list of activities you can enjoy:

  • Watch their favorite movie together
  • Cook with them 
  • Play card or board games with them 
  • Explore different hobbies like (playing a musical instrument, knitting, gardening, etc.)
  • Conversation to reflect on memories 

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