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Senior Home Care: 5 Common Myths and Misconceptions

Sep 26, 2018

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Senior Home Care: 5 Common Myths and Misconceptions

For many family caregivers, professional home care can be a blessing. However, others worry about allowing a stranger's access into the home. There are several doubts and myths shrouding the home care services.

Here are a few common senior home care myths and the facts behind them:

Myth 1: Family members are the best for providing senior care.

Fact – No doubt that seniors can always benefit from the care and support of a family member, but professional caregivers can help close the gaps left by restrictions and burnout. A little extra professional aid can offer relief to many family caregivers in knowing their elderly loved one is in expert hands. Moreover, a few senior home care services provide in-home health care through certified nurses, therapists, and more, to help the seniors enjoy quality supervision in the comfort of their home.

Myth 2: Home care is meant for people suffering from illness.

Fact - Seniors who are still enjoying sound health and face little challenges around the house may consider aging at home as the most suitable option for them. Several home care service companies offer companion services that are best to ensure senior's comfort and happiness at home while assisting them with regular tasks like shopping and cooking. Seniors could forge a meaningful bond with their caregiver all while benefitting from the professional care service.

Myth 3: Seniors lose their independence because of home care.

Fact – The truth is, home care allows freedom to both seniors and their loved ones. Home care provides reliable assistance for housework so seniors can stay confident and utilize their extra time and energy to pursue their hobbies or get involved with community activities and grandchildren. Seniors with health troubles don't need to stress over medication timetables, wound care and other medical needs when professional home care is there to provide easy solutions.

Myth 4: Home care doesn't offer a long-term solution.

Fact - Professional home care can provide senior assistance through every phase of aging including complete end-of-life care. It can assist seniors during their transition home from the hospital, immediately after surgery or hospitalization. Plus, trained home care nurses can provide the best recovery care at home during an illness or an injury. Once they've recovered, further long-term safety can be guaranteed by the home care service, after assessing the house for fall risks and other such dangers.

Myth 5: Home care is not meant for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's

Fact – Senior home care offers specialized services for seniors struggling with dementia and Alzheimer's at home. Professional caregivers are trained to provide suitable home care for those diagnosed with these mental disorders offering respite to family caregivers and reducing in home safety risks. Professional home care can deliver an engaging and fulfilling life for the seniors at home with the appropriate care and support. Additionally, the inclusion of professional home care can lessen the impact of the disease on both the seniors and their loved ones.

Bottom Line Seniors prefer to stay at home. With the rise of the older population, it is important that any unnecessary myths are dispelled about senior home care and that families know of the best options for their loved ones.

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