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6 Safety Tips to Enhance a Senior’s Holiday Experience

Nov 29, 2021

Aging Parents

6 Safety Tips to Enhance a Senior’s Holiday Experience

There is no doubt that holidays are special occasions that bring together all your family under one roof. So, it is crucial to ensure holiday time is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for everyone in the family. However, if you have older adults in your family, you should first make sure your home is safe for them. Here are some holiday safety tips that will help you to prevent accidental falls of the elderly when they are at your home.

  • Ensure That All Your Flooring is Slip-Resistant.

This is an essential step you have to take to prevent accidental falls of your loved ones. To ensure this, you should remove all unwanted throw rugs, particularly those not skid-proof or secured correctly. If your loved one plans to stay overnight, it would be better to put skid-proof mats and grab bars in the shower.

  • Check Your Chairs.

It's common for older adults to fall when they are getting in and out of a chair. To avoid this, give them a firmly footed chair that makes it easy for them to sit on it. Also, remember that holiday dinner tables can get crowded. Make sure that there’s good clearance space around the chair. You can also place a pillow under the seat or at the back of the seat to provide additional comfort and support.

  • Clear the Pathways.

When your loved one is at home, they will find it much easier to navigate through the house if you reduce or remove the clutter in your home altogether. Also, make sure to keep your children's newly acquired holiday toys well organized because most of the time, seniors may not notice them lying around on the floor and unintentionally trip on them and lose their balance.

  • Avoid Dim Lighting as Much as You Can.

Most of us love the ambiance of candles. However, if your loved one is with you during the holiday season, make sure you enjoy these in short bursts, as dim lighting can cause unexpected falls. Also, look out for dazzles and shadows that may cause disorientation to your loved ones and make them misgauge a step or the actual distance to a chair.

  • Keep Your Parent Safe During the Holiday Cooking.

If your parent is enthusiastic about holiday cooking, let them cook and enjoy the day. However, make sure you give them less injury-prone jobs, such as keeping the ingredients in the prep area, measuring them, sorting and stirring them if necessary. It is always better to let them stay away from tasks like cutting and chopping. Also, don't ask your parent to move steaming or hot items from one place to other. Instead, ask them to transfer cooled cookies into a storage jar.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Sounds.

Older adults may find certain sounds to be confusing, overwhelming, and anxiety-provoking. This situation is true for seniors fighting hearing loss because hearing aids can heighten the background noise. So, it would be challenging for them to pay attention while background music and multiple loud conversations are happening simultaneously in the room. If you see your parent withdrawing from the festivities or talks, create smaller conversation spots for them away from the crowd to improve their holiday experience.

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Spending holidays with your elderly parents are more enjoyable while keeping them safe. If you want to know more about safely taking care of your loved one during the holidays, give Newport Home Care a call. We will be delighted to provide assistance to you.

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