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Preventing Alzheimer's Disease: All You Need to Know

Aug 21, 2019

Alzheimer's Disease

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease: All You Need to Know

People often get worried about developing Alzheimer's disease or an associated dementia disorder as they grow older. The prevalence of Alzheimer disease (AD) among Americans above 65 years of age is reported to be around 5.5 million. This number is predicted to rise dramatically in the next 40 years in the United States. Therefore, it is vital to develop suitable measures for preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Read more to learn how Alzheimer's disease can be prevented.

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers are learning about various approaches to prevent or delay Alzheimer's. While many previous and ongoing research have discovered promising strategies, scientists are still studying further to come up with more solutions. Some focus on medications, while many concentrate on lifestyle or other changes.

Research may detect specific interventions that will check or delay the disease in some people. It's assumed that many people may need a combination of treatments depending on their personal risk factors. According to the latest research by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), the most promising interventions for preventing Alzheimer's disease include:

  • Physical activity
  • Controlling hypertension
  • Cognitive training
  • Healthy diet

Does Increased Physical Activity Reduce Alzheimer's Risk?

Some studies have pointed out that people who exercise regularly have a reduced risk of cognitive decline compared to those who don't. Exercise has also been linked to fewer Alzheimer's plaques and tangles in the brain and more reliable performance on specific cognitive tests. Until scientists learn more, specialists encourage exercise for its many other benefits.

Can Controlling Hypertension Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

After several years of observational research, there is a general agreement that high blood pressure in middle-age poses a risk for cognitive degeneration in old age. This can include a decline in overall cognition, memory, and processing speed. However, the exact process of how high blood pressure contributes to vascular brain damage, and how vascular and dementia-related brain processes may interact biologically, is still unknown and under study.

Does Cognitive Training Prevent Alzheimer's?

Cognitive training includes structured activities intended to improve memory, reasoning, and processing speed. A research has observed that informal, cognitively stimulating activities could possibly lower the risk of Alzheimer's-related cognitive impairment and dementia. A few of these activities include reading or playing puzzle games.

Can Changing Diet Plan Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

People often wonder if a particular diet or specific foods can help prevent Alzheimer's disease. In general, a healthy diet is an essential part of healthy aging. However, newer studies are underway to gather evidence for recommending a specific diet that would prevent cognitive decline or Alzheimer's.

The Bottom Line on Alzheimer's Prevention

Alzheimer's disease is complicated and maybe prevented or delayed using a combination of measures. You can do a lot of things as recommended by your doctor to keep your brain and body fit. You can also volunteer to participate in research to help scientists learn more about preventing Alzheimer's disease.

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