How to Ensure Complete Home Safety for Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult for both, patients and their loved ones. Alzheimer's patients need to be handled with patience and compassion, in the comforts of their homes. However, the home environment which was once safe for them may become dangerous because of changes in their perceptions and abilities. Read on to learn more about home safety of your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

Why Is an Alzheimer’s Patient’s Safety So Important?

Alzheimer’s patients’ safety is important because the disease changes your loved one’s cognitive abilities that can affect their safety.

  • Alzheimer’s disease causes spatial memory, because of that, your loved one may get lost easily, even in familiar places.

  • Your loved one may forget the basic safety measures they have followed and misread the dangers in situations.

  • Changes in vision, hearing, depth perception, and sensation of temperature may cause them to not notice the dangers in their environment.

  • Your loved one may easily become fearful, confused, or suspicious which can affect their safety.

How to Ensure Safety for Alzheimer’s Patients?

You can make sure your home environment is safe to provide 24-hour in-home care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of a loved one with Alzheimer’s at home.

  • Evaluate Your Loved One’s Environment

    Alzheimer’s patients may be at risk in certain places of the home or outdoors. You should pay special attention to workrooms, garages, closets with cleaning supplies, and other areas in your home that may be dangerous to them. Keep the dangerous items away from the patients.

  • Avoid Safety Hazards in the Kitchen

    Kitchen appliances, knives, and stovetops may be dangerous to the patients. Install a stove and kitchen appliances with automatic shut-off features, remove the knobs, and keep your knives away from easy access.

  • Hire an In-Home Caregiver

    If you cannot be available for your loved one all the time, an in-home caregiver can take care of your loved one when you are not available. They assist your loved one in their routine activities and can keep them safe and comfortable.

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