How to Create a Daily Care Plan Checklist for Dementia Patients

Caring for a dementia patient requires time and various caregiving skills. Things can become more manageable, if you establish a daily care plan to provide effective and personal dementia care to your loved one. Therefore, create a daily care checklist to understand what needs to be done and when.

Consider these key aspects when you are creating a daily care plan checklist for a loved one with dementia.

  • Involve them in creative activities (art, crafts, music, etc.)
  • Household chores (cooking, house cleaning, etc.)
  • Train them with brain-boosting activities (reading, puzzles, etc.)
  • Pay attention to medication schedule (fix time for medicine)
  • Include their hobbies (painting, gardening, knitting, sewing, etc.)
  • Mealtimes (eating schedule)
  • Personal care (dressing, bathing, etc.)
  • Physical activity (walking, yoga, stretching, etc.)
  • Social gathering (visit a friend's house, or attend a party)
  • Shopping (go once or twice in a week for shopping)
  • Spontaneous (visiting with neighbors, visiting friends, have a family fun time)
  • Make notes of a daily care plan.

Apart from creating a daily care plan checklist to improve the overall well-being of the dementia patient, you also need to focus on these points when planning daily activities for them.

  1. The person's abilities, likes, dislikes, and strengths.
  2. Past life; how the patient used to spend his time before dementia.
  3. Monitor the patient to find out when they are at their functional best. Schedule more activities when the person feels energetic.
  4. Set up a specific time for waking up and going to bed.

Remember, that the dementia patients need to maintain a perfect balance between their activity and rest. Here is a sample daily care plan that will help dementia patients while focusing on different activities all through the day.


  1. Help with morning hygiene routine such as washing face, brushing, and getting dressed.
  2. Prepare breakfast and have it together.
  3. Have a conversation over coffee, take a walk.
  4. Do some household chores together.
  5. Take a break and do meditation.


  1. Make lunch and wash dishes together.
  2. Spend some fun time together, listen to music, play puzzle, etc.
  3. Engage in some physical activity like gardening, etc.
  4. Visit family members or friends.


  1. Prepare dinner and eat together.
  2. Conversate while having dessert or coffee.
  3. Do comforting activities like giving a massage, watching a movie, playing cards, etc.
  4. Help with night routines, such as a bath or shower, etc.
  5. Read a book or discuss the good moments in life before going to bed.

With these tips, you can help a person who has dementia. As time passes symptoms of dementia change, you need to be flexible in a daily care plan. Contact us at 949.514.8303 to schedule a free in-home assessment, or fill out our online form if you need any suggestions and help.


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