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How to Boost Your Loved One's Morale During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Aug 13, 2020

Care for Seniors

How to Boost Your Loved One's Morale During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Senior citizens are extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 infections. Most assisted living, nursing, and care communities limit the number of visitors as per federal and health care industry guidelines. These steps, though helpful in reducing infections, unfortunately, curtail social groups like meals, book clubs, etc. So how to keep loved ones engaged during these critical times?


Handwritten letters, cards, and artwork by grandkids are more cherished ever. Displaying and re-reading written letters and cards remind seniors that their family cares.

Sharing Virtual Meals

Order your loved one’s favorite dish using online meal delivery services. Ensure that the meal reaches on time. Ask your loved one to use the video call feature on his/ her smartphone, and talk and enjoy the meal together.

Use Other Delivery Services

Get your loved one’s favorite snacks bulk delivered if you can't bring them during visits. If they like cooking, you could shop for their groceries or get them delivered online. Deliver the food at the place permitted and ensure that the packages have the recipient’s name and address.

Family Online Group Book Club

Grandparents can read to grandkids from storybooks through video calling. If needed, order books online for them. The grandparent and older grandchildren can read from the same books or enjoy the shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime together and have constructive discussions about them. For loved ones with much memory or speech loss, singing familiar songs and hymns with the grandkids also helps.

Order Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

If your care recipient loves puzzles, you can get custom puzzles containing over 2,000 pieces delivered. For people with dementia or less dexterity, puzzles with even 15 pieces are available. Custom puzzles can have photos, family artwork, etc.

Playing Board Games

Most old board games like scrabble, chess, etc.are available online. If both sides know the game rules, your family can play the game together online. Setup identical game boards at your loved one and your places and play simultaneously.

Assemble Hobby Boxes

Decorate an ornamental box and fill it with hobby items for your loved ones. Put in items corresponding to their existing hobbies or ones they’d like to try. Items can include puzzle books, squishy balls, craft materials, etc.

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