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Aging Parents: How Music Can Improve Your Aging Parents Health

Jul 11, 2018

Aging Parents

Aging Parents: How Music Can Improve Your Aging Parents Health

For a long time, music has been believed to have a sort of healing power. Playing as well as listening to music offers several benefits to your mental and emotional health, and it is frequently suggested as a relaxation technique. Though people of all ages can gain from music therapy, it can provide specific benefits to your aging parents.

Here are some ways music can boost your aging parents health

Boosts Memory

The act of listening and playing music has a stimulating effect on the brain. Scientists have analyzed the impact of music on older adults with dementia, and their findings indicate that music can enhance memory and cognitive abilities. Favorite songs from early days rekindle old memories which are also advantageous for seniors who want to improve their mental faculties.

Enhances Self-Esteem

Engaging in the arts can positively affect the self-esteem of aging adults because it offers them the means to communicate with others, convey their feelings, and build an individual identity. Your aging parents may not experience the transformative ability of music if they listen to the radio occasionally. Participating in a local community group such as a senior citizen choir or social group can greatly benefit them.

Relieves Stress

When seniors get anxious or stressed, they should shift to the therapeutic power of music. A study shows listening to music is a powerful way to relieve the nerves because it engages receptive pathways in the brain that can override pain pathways. Regular exposure to music can also avert conditions like high blood pressure that are caused by raised stress levels.

Encourages Exercise

When listening to an appealing song, it's difficult to resist tapping the foot in sync with the music. Music is an excellent medium to prompt inactive seniors to move. Many seniors prefer group aerobics classes, which mostly feature senior-friendly music that sustain them on their feet for some time. Even a brief movement can alleviate buildup anxiety and discharge mood-boosting endorphins.

Increases Communication Skills

Music has specific advantages for seniors with Alzheimer's because it leads to brain stimulation, memory enhancement, and retention boost. When listening to music, older adults in the advanced stages of dementia may instinctively vocalize or start eye contact. These brief moments of interaction can cause a restorative effect.

Listening to music is only one of the several ways your aging parents can boost their well-being. Seniors who want to stay healthy with age can benefit in multiple ways when they get professional in-home care.

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