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When Should Hospice Care Services Begin?

May 16, 2022

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Hospice Care Services

Hospice care is supportive end-of-life care for terminally ill people. It ensures that the last few days or months of one's life are peaceful and without much pain. Hospice care is not only meant for the people nearing the end of their lives, but it also supports the family and loved ones.

Types of Hospice Care

Hospice care can be classified into four types.

Continuous home care:

If you have a medical emergency or require 24-hour home care, your hospice caregiver will provide you with continuous home care.

Routine home care:

The most common level of hospice care is routine home care. When you get routine home care, your hospice caregiver will visit you at home to deliver nursing, psychological, spiritual, and other services.

General inpatient care:

There are symptoms that are untreatable at home. In this instance, the hospice physician may advise an inpatient hospital or hospice stay. Your symptoms will be treated during your inpatient stay so that you may resume getting normal hospice care at home.

Respite care:

Short-term care that gives family caregivers a break is known as respite care. When you receive respite care, you will spend a defined amount of time in an inpatient hospice, skilled nursing facility, hospital, or with an in-home caregiver. Respite care can assist family members who need to travel, have personal health issues, or simply need a break from full-time caregiving.

How Can Hospice Care Service Be of Help?

Hospice care service ensures ease of symptoms so that the person suffers from less pain in the final few days. It also gives the patient's family peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for in the final stage of their life.

The best part of hospice support is that the care is available on a 24/7 basis. They offer care and access to medical professionals. They can also handle the post-death work like communication with the funeral home and the clergy while providing the bereavement support too.

When Do People Start with the Hospice Care Service?

The best way to explain the duration of the hospice care service is that it starts while a patient is reaching the end of his/her life. When you are enrolling yourself in hospice care services, it means you agree to stop the medical treatment that can provide you with any cure. Your doctor is the best person to advise when you need to take the services of the hospice care services.

Usually, certain criteria are forwarded by your physician, which include:

  • You agree to stop the treatment for your illness.
  • Your doctor states that you have a few months to live, and no treatment can help your condition.
  • The hospice care service gets reevaluated every six months and can be renewed if and when needed.

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Is Hospice Care Covered by the Insurance Plans?

Most private insurance covers hospice care services with their plans. The total amount covered depends on the insurance plan you have. You can always check the plan before entering into a hospice care arrangement.

If you are eligible for a government insurance program like Medicare and Medicaid, you will be able to receive hospice care services at your will. Several plans offer complete coverage for hospice care services depending on some eligibility criteria. And of course, most hospice care also accepts direct payment in case you don’t have any insurance coverage. There are also hospice care services offered by various non-profit organizations through charity care.

Are you concerned about your financial condition and searching online for “hospice care near me”? If so, you don’t have to worry as we at Newport Home Care accept various insurances. You can also consult with various social services staff who can help you set up a payment plan and figure out your insurance coverage and explore all available options for your hospice care service.


Hospice care tries to make the last months of your life comfortable and stress-free. It helps you get relief from the pains and the symptoms while also taking care of the mental state of your loved ones. There is long-term in-patient hospice care available, but it can also be set up at your own home if needed.

Are you worried about your failing health and looking for hospice services near me in Newport Beach? If so, then contacting  Newport Home Care is an ideal choice for you. We have years of experience in providing hospice care to ailing people of all ages. For us, hospice care is a philosophy and a way of giving back to our loved ones. We ensure all our patients receive the best care during their final days so that they can truly feel that they have lived a fulfilling life.

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