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Do's and Don'ts to Find the Right Elderly Respite Care

Nov 23, 2016

Respite Care

Do's and Don'ts to Find the Right Elderly Respite Care

Care giving can be overwhelming at times. That's why it is important that families find the right help for their needs. Here are some tips to help you figure out the right type of respite care for your loved one.


  • Ask For Help from Family: You can ask family to help you out, or you could hire a caregiver or senior care aide.

  • Check the State Agency: You can contact a state agency to help you through the process. Hired help will likely provide skilled medical care. They know to focus on the basic needs of the elderly, such as hygiene, food, and exercise. Hired help would know to listen to the elderly when they are speaking, so they won't be isolated. Hired help should also remove potential hazards from the home, as the elderly are prone to accidents.

  • Find Trained Caregivers: Professional caregivers from home care centers are trained people who know what elderly people need and how to take care of them.

  • Mix and Match: Try to take advantage of the different types of respite care. By mixing and matching, you can maximize the help that your loved one gets.


  • Choose Any Care giver: Some care providers are licensed, but if your loved one has a complex issue, there should be a provider who can meet that specific need. Don't let someone with little to no experience take care of your loved one. Make sure that they have been verified.

  • Assume More Expensive Options Are Better: In some states, you can find overnight care respite programs. However, check to see how far the facility is from your home. Look at all available options. Some respite care facilities offer a short term stay in a facility, along with reimbursement.

  • Don't Let Your Loved One Feel Low: Do not make elderly people feel like a burden. At their old age, most elders becomeover sensitive and they may not take criticism well.

It is important to remember that aging is an inevitable process, as everyone will eventually grow older. Treat the elderly how you would like to be treated when you start the aging process.

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