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Don't Let Your Parents Feel Lonely During Holiday Season

Dec 21, 2016

Holiday Season

Don't Let Your Parents Feel Lonely During Holiday Season

Christmas brings joy, enthusiasm and merry making. Everyone is preoccupied with fun activities like organizing parties, shopping for the celebrations, buying gifts for guests, and more. Christmas is the season for family get-togethers and it's the time to enjoy festivities with friends, families and relatives. The festive spirit can be seen in shopping, decor, preparing delectable dishes and buying gifts for our near and dear ones. Amidst all these fun, don't forget to make Christmas joyous and jovial for your elderly parents. They deserve as much fun as everyone else does.

It is very important for to take care of elderly relatives and make them a part of your celebrations.

Here are some great tips to make them happy during the holiday season:

  1. Listen to them when they talk, even when you do not like it. Don't complain; just put yourself into their shoes.

  2. Include them in the celebrations. Spend time with them and make them realize that they are important for you through your body language and always smile at them.

  3. Make them realize through your actions that you are trying hard for them to be a part of your celebrations.

  4. Let them feel that you will always be there for them. And also convey to them that people are never too old to have fun.

  5. You can ask them and take them to places they like to visit such as church, museums or library.

  6. Buy them clothes, gifts and chocolates to show your liking and affection towards them.

  7. Decorate their dinner table with lights and other gifts.

  8. If possible, invite your friends' elders, so that they can have their favourite company and enjoy a good time with them.

  9. Encourage them to take part in all celebration activities. They will definitely like it and get lively even if they are old.

Elders are an important part of our society. They must be treated with respect and we must make them a part of our celebrations. Christmas becomes double the fun when each member in the family is there happily participating and enjoying the celebration. Newport Home Care is a leading home care provider to the senior citizens of Orange County and Greater Los Angeles. We provide the best care for elders. For more information about our services, call us now at (949) 514- 8303.

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