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Why You Should Consider Medicaid for Seniors

May 25, 2017

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Why You Should Consider Medicaid for Seniors

1 out of every 5 elderly American faces the financial crunch to pay for the expenses on various treatments. Medicaid currently covers more than 4 million low-income seniors, most of them are also covered by Medicare. Having been covered by both the plans improves their chances for accessing a range of benefits and decreasing the chances of self-pay obligations.

What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a beneficial and useful program which has been created by the federal government but administered by the states to provide the payment aid for medical or non-medical support services to low-income citizens. It covers the aged, the blind, the disabled and single parent run families. Over the years, Medicaid has gone on to cover more people.

The primary oversight of this program is not administered by federal level but every state :

  • Sets own eligibility standards
  • Sets the amount, type, scope and the duration of the services.
  • Administers self-Medicaid program
  • Determines the rate of payment for the services

How Medicaid Helps Seniors

To be eligible for Medicaid program, one should be 65+ or disabled and must be financially qualified. Under Medicaid program, they are entitled for several benefits.

  • Medicaid covers the entire aspects of healthcare support which seniors deserve. It covers at least all the healthcare services that are covered by Medicare as well as the services which are not included in Medicare.

  • Medicaid fills the gap left by Medicare plan. This gap mostly affects the low income seniors. It covers a whole range of healthcare support which provides them complete access to a wide range of services to maintain good health and lead a quality life.

  • Medicaid also covers long-term nursing home care and, in some states, it can pay some of the assisted living cost. Special Medicaid programs cover long-term in-house personal care. Long-term support and services such as dressing, bathing and preparing meals are some of the examples.

  • Community Benefit is available to qualifying individuals who are eligible for Medicaid full benefit category. It is a community based long-term support and services program for the beneficiaries whose health condition may qualify them for coverage in a hospital or a nursing home.

Medicaid caters to the various medical and non-medical requirements of the seniors and helps them lead a healthy and quality life.

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