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Being Childfree Is Great But Has Its Own Flaws As You Age

Jan 18, 2017

Aging Parents

Being Childfree Is Great But Has Its Own Flaws As You Age

An increasing number of adults are opting to live a life that is childfree. The truth is that being a parent is not something that everyone is going to do well. It is a huge responsibility and a life-long commitment which many people can't stand by. Today, a large section of society feels that they might not be able to live up to the responsibilities of raising a child, so they opt to remain child free. They see the world from a different perspective. Having a child is completely the matter of choice.

Why It Is Becoming Common?

Remaining childless means that you never go through the sleepless nights, both during the infant years and teenage years. Your responsibility is to yourself and any partner you have. That means you are free to do what you want when you want because being irresponsible has fewer catastrophic repercussions. You can take a trip any time you like to anywhere you want with little notice. There are lesser compromises and sacrifices to be made, that generally people do for the sake of kids and their upbringing. You never feel that your earnings need to shoot up to meet your needs. You can enjoy to the fullest with whatever you earn. You don't have to make a budget for kids or plan separate savings for them. This is one of many attractive perks of being childfree.

There are several appealing reasons to the carefree life without children. However, as you age, you will quickly find that it is not quite the experience you had thought it would be.

Why People May Regret the Decision

Being carefree when you are young means you are more likely to make unreasonable mistakes. A child will temper your decisions. Being responsible for another person tends to make people better in most areas of their lives. Gradually with time, you might feel deprived of emotional security. Your peer group will get busier with their growing children while you will miss the fun and joys of a family.

The biggest drawback of being childless happens as you age. Not only do you miss out on the memories, you do not have the assistance you may require as you age. As your parents grew older, you were probably there for them, making sure that they had what they needed as they did for you. Without children, you will be missing the same support.

This is actually one of the greatest fears of being childless. But this may not affect your choice and decision to be child free if you have planned your old age much in advance.

Because having children is not for everyone, we try to offer a personal touch to everyone in our care. From medication to care plans and programs, Newport Home Care strives to be the support you need during your golden years.

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