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Caring for Caregivers: 5 Tips to Support Family Caregivers

Feb 27, 2019

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Caring for Caregivers: 5 Tips to Support Family Caregivers

Caring for caregivers plays a vital role in long-term caregiving. Being a family caregiver to a senior loved one may often feel fulfilling, but over time, it can also become physically and emotionally challenging and isolating. Caring for your family caregiver is extremely important for making a positive difference to their health, quality of life, and their job.

Why Is Caring for Caregivers Necessary?

Caring for caregivers means providing support to close friends or family members who are involved with caregiving-duties for an older family member. Being the primary caregiver may require helping a senior with daily activities and offering them constant emotional support. Many family caregivers often neglect their own health when giving 24/7 care to a senior loved one. However, ignoring their health and personal needs can quickly make them feel burned-out or sick. Moreover, these situations will inevitably interfere with their ability to be an effective caregiver. Therefore, a caregiver's wellness needs priority consideration.

Tips to Provide the Right Care to Caregivers

Here are 5 essential tips that you can follow to help reduce the stress, which your family caregivers may experience in their caregiving role.

Listen to What They Have to Say

It's crucial to patiently listen to what the caregiver wants to talk about when they get stressed out with their job. Stop whatever you are doing and pay full attention to the conversation without interrupting them.

Avoid Giving Them Any Unwanted Advice

If you're caring for a caregiver, you should strictly refrain from offering advice if you are not asked for it. It is possible that this is their first caregiving role. They are doing their best, and they can ask for your opinion if they need one.

Offer Them Their Space to Unwind

Support the caregiver when they want to take a break to relax. You can volunteer to make reservations and pack your suitcases for a weekend trip with them, or merely follow their lead. Getting some time away from the caregiving responsibilities is essential for avoiding the burnout.

Support Them without Judgement

Regardless of what your loved one's relation may be to the individual they're caring for, understand that they've decided to be the caregiver. So, whatever the situation is, stop judging them and respect your loved one's decision and support them throughout the time. This will make their caregiving journey a lot easier.

Loosen Up and Laugh with Them

It's believed that laughter bridges the distance between two people. You don't need spoken words to express your emotions. Loosen up and take cues to join in with their laughter. Moreover, laughter is like a contagious disease that everyone can afford to acquire.

Many in-home senior care offer respite care services to help caregivers get a much-needed break from caregiving. It's also helpful to protect them from burnout.

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