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What Benefits Pets Bring to Seniors

Jun 08, 2017

Care for Seniors

What Benefits Pets Bring to Seniors

Pets have always been an integral part of our lives as they love us unconditionally and bring happiness in our lives especially for seniors. Pets can become constant companions of seniors and will help them reduce stress. According to the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, pets increase the hormones that promote happiness, joy and relaxation.

Following are some of the amazing benefits pets bring to seniors:


Loneliness can be very disturbing for seniors as it can lead to depression. If they keep pets, they will have a companion who can spend time with them and help them fill the void that they experience after the loss of loved ones.

Improved Health

If seniors would keep a dog or cat, they will play with them and even take them for a walk. This will keep them active and help in improving their health. Seniors, who own pets, have lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels.

Affinity to Nature and Life

Relationship with pets will make seniors understand their association with nature. Animals being so close to nature can teach humans a lot of things which is subtle. Pets also keep you engaged in your life by providing you a daily routine.

Make a Social Circle

Whatever pets seniors keep, they would definitely like to explore how to keep their them happy and maintained. There are different communities and organizations where seniors can get themselves registered and form a social circle to discuss the issues of their pets.

Choosing the Right Pets

There are many options seniors can consider while choosing the right pet. Dogs are well known for their loyalty and are very friendly because they make sure that their master is protected. There are some service providers who provide well-trained dogs for the benefit of elderly.

Cats also share great bonds with humans as they do not require any training and much maintenance. It is also said that observing fish reduces a lot of stress. Older people can feel relaxed which will help in improving their health and mental well-being.

Seniors who love nature can go for birds. Birds will teach them the way to commune with nature. Their lovely music, chirping and whistling makes you feel relaxed and fills your mind and heart with joy.


Keeping pets will make seniors occupied, happy and relaxed which will improve their quality of life.


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