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7 Key Benefits of Senior Home Care Services from Health Aides

Jan 13, 2021

Care for Seniors

7 Key Benefits of Senior Home Care Services from Health Aides

People often associate senior home care services with seniors suffering from chronic diseases or seniors who are more prone to in-home accidents. Generally, senior companionship can offer more than that. Most seniors would like to have someone around the house with them, even if they do not have serious medical issues. Companionship care gives support and assistance to isolated and lonely seniors who are healthy and content enough to stay in their house.

Here are some major benefits of companionship care for seniors.

  • Improved Emotional and Overall Health

    One of the main issues that people have to deal with as they get older is loneliness. Remember that loneliness is not a momentary feeling but rather a deep emotional pain that can cause serious health problems. For example, lonely seniors often are at a greater risk of developing mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. These mental conditions make them more prone to life-threatening conditions such as suicidal thoughts.

    This is how an in-home senior care provider can help you. By hiring a professional home care person, you can make your loved ones feel more secure, help them improve their overall health, and find a new zest for life.

    Additionally, when people spend time together, they tend to indulge in more physical activities. This might result in your loved one taking walks, gardening, or doing activities they would not normally do if they were alone.

  • Increased Sense of Security

    As a person gets older, it gets more challenging for them to be alone. They may worry about what happens if they need help or if they happen to fall unexpectedly. The best solution to stop such worrying is to hire a companion for in-home elderly care. This will certainly make your loved ones feel more secure because they will know that whatever happens, an in-home caregiver will be taking care of them.

  • Provides Around the Clock Companionship

    Hiring an in-home care provider is a great way to provide companionship for an aging loved one. As a caregiver, even if you want to, you may not always be able to spend time with your loved ones, and this may make them feel isolated or lonely. The next best alternative is to hire one of our staff members to take care of your loved one in order to provide proper companionship.

  • Someone to Talk to

    This is also an essential aspect of hiring a caregiver. As people get older, they need someone to talk to. As a caregiver, you may not be there for your elderly one as much as you want to because you also have other responsibilities to take care of at the same time. The best solution to this problem is hiring a professional caregiver who will spend time interacting with your loved one in such situations.

  • Help with Daily Tasks


    Many seniors will appreciate a helping hand in doing daily chores such as disposing of trash, washing the dishes, and making meals. Senior companionship can offer this and make life easier for your loved one.

  • Assisted Living Help

    While most of the senior companionship services are revolving around people’s homes, Newport Home Care also offers the services of a caregiver who can accompany your loved one to an assisted living home or another facility as per the situation.

  • Transportation Assistance

    Your loved ones can go wherever they need with companion care. Whether it is to keep their appointments or run any errands, the caregiver will accompany and take care of them while they are out.

Our team at Newport Home Care is skilled in providing impeccable patient care to senior citizens. To learn more about our companionship care services, please give us a call.

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