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6 Cool Ways to Make Friends in Your 60s

Aug 23, 2017

Aging Parents

6 Cool Ways to Make Friends in Your 60s

In your later years, while undergoing life transformations such as your retirement, losing a partner, developing health issues, many friendships die a natural death. The latest research has concluded that as you grow old, you become selective about how and with whom you invest your time socializing.

Several studies have emphasized the positive benefits of friendship on your physical, social and emotional health at every stage of your life, especially when you are making friends at 60. In your 60s, a steady circle of friends can genuinely provide positive encouragement to your aging heart and also improve your body's autoimmune system.

Here are 6 great ways that you can try for making friends at 60:

  1. Group Tour

    If you enjoy traveling, you can choose to go on an organized group tour with people sharing passion for travel. While traveling on a bus, a boat or a train journey, you will definitely find a few like-minded individuals that you can instantly connect with. To maintain your friendly relation with people that you easily got along with, offer to exchange your contact details through which they can be in constant touch with you.

  2. Voluntary Activities

    Make time for voluntary activities like social events for a charity or your favorite organization which can be another great means to meet individuals. The event could be a one-time activity like distributing flyers or even a daily or monthly affair. Try to initiate a casual conversation with someone and allow it flow naturally.

  3. Winery Tours

    Register for an organized winery tour, if you have a passion for wine, or are simply willing to discover more. Usually, you can join groups that are small to medium sized for a day or a weekend and tour either a winery or an entire region. It will be great to begin a conversation by sharing your experience of the wine and the tour along with relishing the taste of your favorite wine.

  4. Photography Classes

    Since photography classes are normally conducted outdoors, so it is a terrific way for learning and coming across new people in a natural surrounding. It can be a good idea to propose to people you find intriguing, to get together for a photo-shoot at a new location next time such as a forest or a beach.

  5. Reading Clubs

    A discussion on a book that you and your new acquaintance have read can be a fantastic way to initiate a friendship with new people. It's an outstanding way to comprehend whether you both are on the same page with respect to your taste and interest about the book. The next move is to propose to the person that you're interested to hang out with more for a coffee afterward.

  6. Cooking Courses

    Communicating with new people in a kitchen and then eating together is a great icebreaker while undergoing a cookery lesson. You can have many things to talk about including the cooking process, any problems you had, any suggestion for you to perfect your dishes for another meeting, and so on. If you genuinely get along with someone, you could ask them over for a casual meal or drinks, etc.

You can easily try these ideas for making friends at 60 and maybe just become lucky enough to meet your new best friend!

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