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5 Tips to Help Move Your Elderly Loved One for a Better Life

Feb 06, 2017

Aging Parents

5 Tips to Help Move Your Elderly Loved One for a Better Life

Moving an elderly loved one into a new setting can be a challenging process. But it's a critical responsibility of the adult children to ensure that this transition goes smoothly. You need to take care of their emotional stability, health, finances, transportation and many other things related to transitioning and moving.

Here are some useful tips to help you make the transition happen as smooth as possible:

  • Communication It can be an emotional experience for seniors to leave their home. Give them time to cope with everything, then explain why they are moving and where they will be living. Do not let your loved one lose their sense of control. Give them some choices over what happens next in their life.

  • Relatives Lean on your family to help with the process. Surrounding your elderly loved ones with lots of love from the entire family can help with the tension that arises from moving.

  • Organize You will likely have to downsize during the moving process. Go through the house and find the important items that should be kept. Next, gather up all of the items that you plan to get rid of or donate. Be aware of the emotional attachment your loved one may have to their possessions. Give them time to deal with their emotions and memories.

  • Plan Once you start the sorting and organizing process, think about where your loved one is headed. Consider how the rooms will be furnished and the size of the building. This will give you an idea of how to get everything together.

  • Moving Consider hiring a full service mover to assist with the moving process. They will load everything and deliver it to its destination. A DIY solution is always an alternative as well. Think about what makes sense for your elderly loved one. Decide if a car ride is the best situation for their physical health or if they should use an alternative method of transportation to get to their new residence.

Once your parents have moved to a new place, you need to constantly check on their well being there and also make sure that they are well adjusted in a new environment with new people or neighbours. You must always be available to them anytime for anything that they may need.

They have nurtured you throughout their lives to make your life what it is today. One can never repay what parents have given to their children but we can always make the best efforts to give them a respectful life once they are too old to manage things on their own.

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