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5 Affordable Gifts for Seniors to Make This Christmas Amazing for Them

Dec 12, 2018

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5 Affordable Gifts for Seniors to Make This Christmas Amazing for Them

Christmas is fast approaching and choosing gifts for your elderly parents, senior family members or friends can be tricky because you need thoughtful gifts for them. These gifts should be supportive enough to boost senior care by improving their overall health, safety, comfort, and independence.

Here is a list of 5 affordable and amazing Christmas gift ideas to support senior care:

Safety Pole with Grab Bar

Sturdy and cost-effective, this gift makes it easier for your elderly parents to follow an independent lifestyle. Although these safety poles are conveniently located at spots throughout the house, it's better to gift multiples of this handy gadget. This increases ease of installment at each needed location.

Shearling Slippers

These are considered extremely comfortable for old age people. However, make sure to pick up a slip on type of shearling slippers because older folks may find it challenging to bend over to put on their much-loved footwear! Your senior loved one's feet will be more than delighted by the slip-resistant comfort offered by these slippers.

Overbed Tables

They are remarkably practical gifts for a senior family member or friend. These ingenious bedside tables are flexible and portable enough to facilitate easy relocation wherever needed. They may serve as a desk, book or laptop holder, food tray, and more in the comfort of a bed!

Amazon Alexa

These along with other popular, innovative, and hands-free gadgets are easily voice controlled to offer great convenience to your seniors. These devices facilitate many everyday activities including switching on/off a lamp before getting out of bed or setting reminders for taking medications, and much more.

Mattress Toppers

They make very thoughtful and useful gifts and are available in different varieties to prolong the life of a mattress. Regardless of the style, all mattress toppers offer cost-effective and smart solution to boost your senior's comfort by providing pressure relief and reviving the existing mattresses.

Remember, your senior family members or friends have lived a complete life and experienced it all. However, the fact is, just like the others, they too value a well-thought gift from you. Utilize the gift ideas given above to make this Christmas an amazing one for them.

Communities Dedicated to Helping Seniors During the Holidays

Go through the below-mentioned details about senior care programs that aim to offer help to needy seniors in meeting their basic needs during Christmas.

Adopt A Senior for Christmas

This is an initiative by the Adopt a Senior Organization in which sponsors are paired with needy seniors to provide them with food, clothing, and holiday gifts for one full year.

Be a Santa to a Senior

Home Instead Senior Care jointly organizes this program with local NGO's and community organizations to recognize seniors who might be otherwise deprived of holiday season gifts.

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