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15 Enjoyable Thanksgiving Activities for Elderly People

Nov 17, 2020

Aging Parents

15 Enjoyable Thanksgiving Activities for Elderly People

Thanksgiving is all about good food and sharing quality time with family and friends. This is the time when the elderly adults in in-home care start missing their family and all the celebrations. Family caregivers should prepare for the day to keep the elders happy and engaged.

In-home senior care facilities should plan activities for Thanksgiving to spread cheer and joy.

Check out these 15 Thanksgiving activities for elderly people.

  1. Home decoration – Start with involving seniors to decorate the in-home care center. The staff can ask elders to assist them in decorating with basic things like candle holders, wreaths, acorn garlands, light displays.

  2. Handmade cards - Another fun way to engage seniors is by involving them in making Thanksgiving handmade cards. Festive posters, banners, leaf garlands, and lanterns are a few other easy decorative items that are easy to make.

  3. Painting turkeys – With the assistance of caregivers, seniors can make turkeys out of paper plates and paint them. It will add some holiday spirit and give them a sense of belonging.

  4. Set up a thankful bulletin board – Get a few pre-cut paper leaves and ask the elders to write what they are grateful for and add the messages on the bulletin board.

  5. Play scavenger hunt – Scavenger hunt is a socially active game, thoroughly enjoyed by elders. The game is ideal for memory too.

  6. Decorating pumpkins – To add to the festive spirit, seniors with the assistance of Newport Beach caregivers, can decorate pumpkins with acrylic paint, markers, ribbons, and other accessories.

  7. Prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal – To celebrate old memories, preparing a meal for Thanksgiving can bring joy to many seniors. In-home senior care staff can get elders to stir the cake mix, roll out cookie dough, or set the table.

  8. Host a Thanksgiving dinner game – Gather all the senior residents at the table and play the fun memory game. Ask the first member to kick-start the game by saying, “At Thanksgiving dinner, I will eat turkey.” Then next will say, “At Thanksgiving dinner, I will eat turkey and pie.” and continue the game.

  9. Make a football jersey – Get your in-home senior care residents to make their own football jersey. Let the seniors decorate their jersey with paint and stencils, and instill a sense of accomplishment.

  10. String popcorns – Get the elders to use plastic needles to string popcorn and later hang the finished popcorn garlands on the trees.

  11. Have a cook-off – Have the seniors participate in the cook-off to make their signature Thanksgiving dish. There can be awards for the winners as well to encourage them for future events.

  12. Arrange for grandchildren’s visit – What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving is having the grandkids visit? Get the grandchildren over to celebrate and play exciting games with their grandparents.

  13. Puzzle competition – To strengthen visual and spatial skills, a puzzle competition can be ideal for seniors at Thanksgiving. Cut out pictures and distribute among the elders, the group that joins all the missing pieces together will win.

  14. Word building – Give a word like Thanksgiving, turkey, or cranberry and let the in-home care seniors make as many words as possible from the word.

  15. Youth chorus or play – Spread the cheer among seniors by inviting school kids or youth group to sing Thanksgiving songs or put up a play for the seniors.

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