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10 Signs It's Time to Consider an In-Home Care Facility

Mar 29, 2017

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10 Signs It's Time to Consider an In-Home Care Facility

Older people acquire some serious diseases with time. Diseases such as Alzheimer's or Dementia, or Parkinson's disease, are chronic in nature and are incurable. They cause partial or full memory loss, disable a person in keeping memories, problem-solving, visuo-spatial skills, and in movement of hands, arms, legs, jaws, etc. This situation calls for a necessity of having a home nursing service to assist your loved ones in living their remaining life comfortably.

Under home nursing services, you can choose to employ a well-trained caregiver to stay with your loved one day-and-night and give in-home care facility to them. You can also choose a respite care facility under which you can call the caregiver at times when you actually need them.

Many people are not able to figure out why an elderly member in their home is behaving differently and what's bothering them. These age-related cognitive illnesses aren't identified easily; therefore it's quite difficult for many to understand when their elderly loved ones need assisted living. Below are 10-signs that indicate it's time to consider proper in-home care facility for your loved one.

  1. If They Start to Forget the Names of Family Members: Patients of Dementia tend to forget the names of people, even those of their family members. There may be times when they will not even recognize you as your son/daughter.

  2. If They Start Wandering Without the Knowledge of Direction: They will go out for a walk and they may forget their way back home. They may wander even when you take a little break during any time in your job.

  3. If They Are Not Able to Stand or Walk on Their Own: Persons with the Parkinson's disease will feel tremor in hands, legs, jaws, and impaired balance. They will have difficulty in swallowing, and slowness in movement and all of these will only worsen with time.

  4. Lack of Personal Hygiene and Inability to Keep up With Laundry: They'll be unable to take care of their hygiene or keep their clothes or room clean. It can further aggravate their condition of illness. Caregivers are well-trained and they take care of it professionally and compassionately.

  5. Changes in Their Emotional Behaviors: Dementia and cognitive impairment may bring emotional and behavioral changes in patients as they may sometimes get highly aggressive causing distress to their family members. Trained caregivers may be a help to ease the transition and keep your loved one on a balanced track.

  6. Mobility Issues Such as Climbing Stairs or Getting Into and Out of Bed: Tremors in legs and hands can invite fatal accidents while they try to climb the stairs, or simply go out for a walk.

  7. Loneliness and Lack in Ability of Social Interaction: They have to stay lonely at home while every other person goes out for work. This feeling of boredom and emptiness also brings detachment from every other person of knowing Caregivers will not only stay at home providing them with nurturing care but they will also help keep them connected with their relatives or friends.

  8. Inability to Keep up With Their Medical Care: They can miss doctor's appointment, or forget to keep up with the prescriptions and health recommendations. This can bring serious setbacks to their already bad health.

  9. You May Develop Caregiver Stress in Your Own: The psychological cost of care giving can bring stress in your personal and professional life. You may experience symptoms like intrusive thoughts, anxiety, hyper vigilance, etc.

  10. They Will Require More Time and Energy Than You are Able to Give: Your loved one need extra time, energy and efforts to help them even in their routine activities and you might be running out of time as you have plenty of works to do at your office. Not only this, they want someone to speak with to fight off their loneliness which is not possible with your busy life routine.

No matter how unimaginable it seems to you, your loved one will eventually grow old, and they will need someone so that they can easily live their life with no feeling of being a burden to you.

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